Small town – BIG THINKERS!

Mark Frichtl, our Hall of Fame members, and so many alumni are shining examples of this! These successful alumni were provided opportunities to grow – and become the best they can be in their chosen professions. This is what the PBL Education Foundation wants for all students – opportunities.

Whether it is encouraging reading among our younger students, raising the bar in junior high science, or updating the library to better facilitate how high school students learn and collaborate – PBL is leading the way!

Help all PBL students to be big thinkers from a small town!

The PBL students and staff are doing their part by wearing masks, social distancing, and keeping open minds to the many changes within each of their buildings.

NOW, we need to do our part! During this unprecedented time, your gift to The PBL Education Foundation will allow us to pursue our mission to “provide our students and staff access to academic resources they need to become their best” – even during a pandemic – no matter if the classroom is in a school building or at home!

Learn how you can do your part in our 2021 Annual Campaign Letter

Donor Gifts IMPACT Our Students

Over $500,000 awarded since 1997

1,400 +

Students and staff have a technology device assigned to them.


Earned income from The PBL Endowment Fund, distributed to the district.


New books provided to K-8 students.


Endowment Fund Balance as of June 30, 2021.

“ iPads are perfect for use with differentiated instruction.”

PBL First Grade Teacher

“I have grandchildren going through PBL High School. By designating that memorials be given to the Education Foundation, the funds are being passed on to another generation.”

Pat Milchuck

Every student matters. Don’t you agree?


“It takes a noble person to plant a seed for a tree that will one day provide shade to those he may never meet.”

– Unknown Author