We depend on the input and guidance of those community members who have volunteered to serve on our Board of Trustees. We would like to thank our Trustees for all of their hard work. If you have any suggestions for future Trustees, please use our contact form and let us know!

Robin Niewold, Chairman – Loda
Development Committee, Chairman
Owner, Pro-Type Printing, Inc.

Scott Allen, Vice-Chairman – Paxton
Owner, Paxton Hardware and Rental

Justin Swan, Secretary / Treasurer – Paxton
Finance Committee, Chairman
President, The Frederick Community Bank

Jacqueline Weber, Trustee – Loda
Scholarship Committee, Chairman
President, Buckley State Bank

Donna Pepper, Trustee – Loda
Executive Director, Paxton Main Street

Lynn Rubarts, Trustee – Paxton
Retired, University of Illinois

Peggy Seibring, Trustee – Paxton
Retired Educator

Travis Duley, Trustee – Loda
PBL District Superintendent

Craig Loschen – Paxton
Board of Education Representative

IMPACT – Volunteers Make a Difference

The quality of education available to past generations now comes with a price for superiority.  I want to help meet the challenge for future high standards of education in our communities.

— Carl Hudson, Jr., Trustee