Honor and remember someone today with a donation in their name that will continue giving for many future generations.

Memorial gift and gifts honoring a birthday, anniversary, milestone or any special occasion will become a forever gift when the gift is invested in The PBL Endowment Fund where the principle will only grow and the income generated will be used to fulfill our mission.

In Memory

Many families have chosen to designate the Foundation as a memorial recipient when a family member has passed away.

As Pat Milchuck explained, “I have grandchildren going through PBL High School. By designating that memorials be given to the Education Foundation, the funds are being passed on to another generation.”

In Tribute

Individuals have also chosen to donate as a tribute to a living person or persons.

Jill Manley, retired PBL teacher, chose to honor her sisters: “My sisters are both teachers—Diane is an English teacher in Sonoma, CA, and Cindy is a speech therapist in Parma, MI. We decided to forego buying Christmas presents for each other and donate the money to a favorite charity. The Education Foundation seemed like the logical choice since we’re all involved in the field of education.”

Often donations are a way to pay tribute to someone who has made a difference in their life. What better way to honor a teacher, administrator, staff person, pastor, scout leader, neighbor, grandparent or anyone else who has had a positive influence this year or in past years than to make a donation in their honor to the Education Foundation.