“Unprecendented times,” a phrase we have all heard over and over and over since last winter. I believe every one of us can agree that the phrase is not an exaggeration of the challenges the pandemic has brought to our world. 

Last March when the Governor announced school closings, The PBL Education Foundation was able to make an impact on student learning by helping the district purchase “filtering” software that allowed students to take home devices for remote learning. The grants budget still had almost half of its allotted funds available. Without in-class learning, it was highly unlikely these monies would be used. With the administration’s blessing, staff grants were suspended for the year and the remaining funds were used where they were needed most during unprecedented times.

Looking ahead to the new school year, now more than ever, we need to ensure we can continue to fulfill our mission – no matter the circumstances. 

The 2020-21 school year opens in an environment of unprecedented times and challenges. The strength of our foundation depends on continued generosity to fulfill our mission: “to provide our students and staff with academic resources they need to become the best they can be” – even during unprecedented times.

Robin Niewold, Chairman – Paxton Buckley Loda Education Foundation