The PBL Education Foundation hosted the annual PBL Senior Awards Night on May 21, 2019 at the PBL High School.

The night began with opening remarks by Connie Ross, a 15 year member of the Foundation’s board.

She said, “The PBL Education Foundation was created over 20 years ago. Our single purpose is to raise money for all of our district schools. The funds raised are used for academics. The PBL Education Foundation’s mission is to provide all of our students access to the academic resources they need to become their best.  The students we will honor tonight, are proof that we are fulfilling our mission!”

Throughout the evening a total of $56,000 was awarded to these outstanding seniors.

Stephanie Shively, Connie Ross, Leslie Cottrell and friends from Loda United Methodist Church provided delicious desserts and appetizers for the graduates, their families and other guests.

The 2019 Senior Awards Night was funded by A. Gooden Concrete & All Phases of Construction.


Photos of scholarship recipients can be found here

Farmers-Merchants National Bank Scholarship – Bridget McMullin

Mr. and Mrs. David Arthur Frederick Memorial Scholarship – Nathaniel Waterson

Order of Eastern Star – Mikayla Jones

Masonic Lodge Scholarship – Garrett Bachtold

Virginia L. Graham Scholarship – Andrew Swanson

ADI Ag Drainage Incorporated Scholarship – Jadrien Miles

Robert Rohling Scholarship – Mikayla Jones

PBL Youth Football & Cheerleading Scholarship – Austin Gooden & Kassidy Marshall

Onarga Academy Scholarship – Bridget McMullin

Kelly Griffin Scholarship – Andrew Swanson

Nexstep Commercial Products Scholarship – Cheyenne Wise

Loda United Methodist Church Scholarship – Molly Kennedy

CBAI Foundation, Federated Bank Scholarship – Bridget McMullin

CBAI Foundation, Buckley State Bank – Mikayla Jones

Artist of the Year Award – Katy Geurts

United States Marine Corps Awards, Physical Fitness – Evie Ellis & TJ Jones

United States Marine Corps Awards, Scholastic – Mikayla Jones & Cheyenne Wise

Illinois Army National Guard – Alex Robidoux & Hobert Skinner

American Legion Award Runner Ups – Maria Lemenager & Jordan Giese

American Legion Award Winners – Mikayla Jones & Andrew Swanson

Illinois Principal’s Award – Bridget McMullin

News Gazette Journalist Recognition Award – Tim Hewerdine

Evelyn Wylie Burton Scholarship – Emily Graves

Helen G. Moore Scholarship – Evelyn Ellis

Reynolds – Barwick Scholarship – Cheyenne Wise

Robert E. Woodworth Jr. Scholarship – Nathaniel Waterson

Michael D. Terry Memorial Scholarship – Katy Geurts

Paxton Park District Scholarship – Andrew Swanson

DAR / SAR Awards – Mikayla Jones & Tim Hewerdine

Illinois State Scholars – Laura Deatrick, Emily Graves, Hannah Hein, Mikayla Jones, Maria Lemenager, Bridget McMullin, Daiton Piatt, Austin Rose, Andrew Swanson, Nathaniel Waterson, Cheyenne Wise

Presidential Academic Certificates,  Silver – Parker Shoemaker

Presidential Academic Certificates, Gold – Dylan Durham, Jordan Giese, Tim Hewerdine, Mikayla Jones, Maria Lemenager, Bridget McMullin, Daiton Piatt, Nathaniel Waterson

Outstanding Math Student Award – Bridget McMullin

IHSA Scholastic Achievement Awards – Garrett Bachtold, Aubree Bruns, Sydney Brust, Evelyn Ellis, Jordan Giese, Emily Graves, Timothy Hewerdine, Alyssa Hofer, Keyn Humes, Maria Lemenager, Bridget McMullin, Clarissa Wieneke

SVC All-Academic Team – Garrett Bachtold, Aubree Bruns, Sydney Brust, Evelyn Ellis, Jordan Giese, Emily Graves, Timothy Hewerdine, Alyssa Hofer, Keyn Humes, Maria Lemenager, Bridget McMullin, Clarissa Wieneke

Honor Roll – Jacob Ager, Garrett Bachtold, Marcus Bowen, Tanner Bowen, Stephanie Brodian, Aubree Bruns, Sydney Brust, Abigale Carter, Joseph Chickini, Katelyn Crabb, Gunner Coe, Tanner Coe, Taylor Cope, Alberto Cruz, Aubrey Daniels, Laura Deatrick, McKinzie Denoyer, Dylan Durham, Mason Ecker, Evelyn Ellis, Chase Elson, Gloria Estrada, Calvin Foster, Katy Geurts, Jordan Giese, Austin Gooden, Emily Graves, Nicholas Harper, Hannah Hein, Timothy Hewerdine, Alyssa Hofer, Corrinne Hopper, Keyn Humes, Aiyanna Ingram, MaKenna Irvin, Benjamin Jarboe, Alexis Johnson, Faith Johnson, Mikayla Jones, Travis Jones, Jr., Wyatt Jones, Ashley Judy, Molly Kennedy, Maria Lemenager, Kassidy Marshall, Bridgett McMullin, Jadrien Miles, Chase Moore, Elizabeth Moore, Madison Myers, Dru Normile, Zachary Parker, Madison Peden, Daiton Piatt, Kyle Poll, Paige Pritchett, Anna Quinn, Thomas Quinn, Erick Reck, Devan Rhoades, Jacob Rich, Alex Robidoux, Karla Rodriguez, Austin Rose, Miranda Rudin, Parker Shoemaker, Gabriela Shurr, Hobert Skinner, Daze Spencer, Emma Stricklin, Andrew Swanson, Megan Swanson, Jordan Thilmony, Christian Tufino, Nathaniel Waterson, Dawson Weppler, Clarisa Wieneke, Jacob Wilson, Cheyenne Wise, Hunter Wise, Riley Withers, Lily Wood