Carl Hudson, a founding member of the PBL Education Foundation and past president has resigned after 26 years with our organization. Carl has been instrumental in the success of the foundation and has held many offices and roles throughout his tenure. One of his most impressive roles has been as co-chair of the Endowment Fund. With his joint efforts the value of the fund is currently over $724,000. His ability to show donors the value of investing in the endowment fund has been instrumental in its success.

“With new board members coming on, I feel comfortable stepping back and slowing down a little.” Carl Hudson

Carl’s tireless efforts have allowed the students at PBL to have more choices, programs, tools, and access to needed materials that enhance their education.

Not only has Carl been active in the foundation, but is also a pillar in the PBL community. Carl has been the local pharmacist for decades and took over the family business from his father in 1975. He recently sold his business to his son, Andy, who carries on the tradition. Carl has also started and owned several other businesses in Paxton.

His belief in giving back to his community is evident as he has been involved in numerous organizations and clubs in Paxton. He has also been involved in many organizations at the county, state, and national level as well.

The Hudson family has a vested interest in the PBL school system. Carl graduated from Paxton High School in 1960. His wife, Janet, was in the PHS Class of 1959. Both his children, Andy (PBL 1991) and Lisa (PBL 1994), and his grandchildren have attended PBL schools. His daughter Lisa is a teacher in the district.

The entire board expressed their appreciation and gratitude for Hudson’s work in the organization.

“I learned so much from Carl’s professional and volunteer experiences and his knowledge of our communities. We shared many brainstorming lunches and exchanged many emails and phone calls while working on different fundraising initiatives. One of my favorite stories to tell took place 3 years ago. Carl and I insisted on a spur-of-the moment meeting with the Superintendent who really did not have time. We persisted and within minutes were in the Supt.’s office. Carl handed him a check and he looked at the check and said, “nice.” Carl suggested he look again – the check was NOT for $25,000 but for $250,000! We all had a good laugh and promised to keep the second response to the amount between us.☺ While Carl will no longer be serving as a board member, I know I will always be able to count on him for his perspective. We are fortunate to be the beneficiaries of his passion for our schools and our communities.” ~ Robin Niewold, Chairman