Dear supporter,

The PBL Education Foundation has been hard at work supporting our schools and communities– making it known that Covid-19 can’t stop us!

Last year at this time we were excited about opening a new school building, the first conference football game, homecoming plans, and class reunions. This year PBL staff and students were excited to be able to return to their classrooms – with virus protections in place. While this year is very different, our district’s priority remains the same – to provide our students with the best education possible.

This summer, as plans were being made to reopen our schools – incorporating both safety measures and learning strategies – the district purchased additional laptops, chromebooks, iPads, remote learning software, and acquired mobile WiFi hotspots for use in several district communities.

The good news is that the foundation was able to provide funding to the school district for some of these items by distributing $13,000 of earned interest from The PBL Endowment Fund. In addition to this distribution, with the staff’s full support, this year’s staff grants budget of $14,000 has been redirected to fund additional classroom and remote learning items for all grade levels.

Continuing with good news, the physical, pandemic-response related items that have been purchased will be used in the future. And, sometimes, when circumstances like Covid-19 require us to make changes in the way we do things, we discover we actually like the “new way” better than how the task was done before.

The PBL students and staff are doing their part by wearing masks, social distancing, and keeping open minds to the many changes within each of their buildings.

NOW, we need to do our part! During this unprecedented time, your gift to The PBL Education Foundation will allow us to pursue our mission to “provide our students and staff access to academic resources they need to become their best” – even during a pandemic – no matter if the classroom is in a school building or at home!

Can we count on you to step up and do your part to make a difference during these unprecedented times? Now, more than ever, our students need our help! – no matter what!


Robin Niewold, Chairman

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