September 2019,
To all of our loyal supporters,

We hope you enjoy looking through our Annual IMPACT Report which will show you the tremendous impact you are making on our kids. When you finish, I hope you feel a sense of pride from knowing YOU HELPED! I am sharing just a few of the hundreds of thank you notes received each year.

“Thank you for my book. I am not going to take it home because it is my favorite and I don’t want my brother to take it.”  – First grade student

“Thank you so much. I just received the puzzles. I am super excited to get this rolling in a class setting. Again, I can’t thank The Foundation enough for their generosity.” – PBL Teacher and grant recipient

“I thought you would want to know about the book you bought for me.” – This Jr. High student wrote a full book report as part of his thank you note to The Foundation.

“The kids who have the fewest books at home take the longest time to make their decision. Their book is truly a treasure.” – PBL Teacher

You encourage readers and future entrepreneurs and honor alumni who have achieved much. You give each student a digital learning device and you give our teachers up-to-date teaching tools in the form of digital “blackboards” and classroom projectors. You make funding available to teachers who want to try new and engaging programs and you fund equipment for students who want to build robots. You ARE impacting lives!

The Paxton-Buckley-Loda Education Foundation’s mission is to provide our students and staff access to academic resources they need to become their best.

You might think, “I didn’t have anything to do with this”. But, YOU did! When you support The PBL Education Foundation, you give great kids the boost they need!



So much has changed since we sat in a classroom. The most obvious difference is the widespread use of technology by our students and teachers. These tech devices do not replace textbooks but they are highly effective teaching tools. Today even a different style of chair has the ability to improve student learning. When our teachers learned a new style of chair allowing for “movement” could improve students’ learning, they wanted to try them! When you fund teacher impact grants, you make it possible for our teachers to try new things. Our teachers feel the same excitement you feel when you have money to try something different! Our students benefit from their teachers’ excitement and the new idea.

Today, Carl and I ask you to join us by making a gift to The PBL Education Foundation.
Your support is needed to provide our staff and students with opportunities to become the best they can be!

Carl Hudson, Jr., Development Committee

Robin Niewold, Chairman Development Committee

P.S. When you consider making your gift to The PBL Education Foundation, think of this.
One day you may read or hear about a person who is being recognized for an amazing achievement. When you find out this “person” was a PBL student, you can say to yourself, “I HELPED!”

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